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Educational Sessions

Tuesday, November 9, 2021   

12:15 PM - 1:45 PM                        Women In Roofing (WinR) Luncheon (Contractors Only)
                                                                      (Hilton Hotel - Empire Ballroom)

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM                           Women In Roofing (WinR) Sponsored Educational Panel Session
                                                                      Cross-Roof Training – Bridging the Gap Between Field and Office
                                                                      with Moderator, Laurie Moore of Kreiling Roofing, Inc.
                                                                      (Hilton Hotel - Mitchell Room)                                      

In this panel-style session, we will be taking a look at the full spectrum of a Roofing Contractor Business.  The session will focus on the benefits of interdepartmental communication and company cross-training.  The panel will include administrative and field operation perspectives, as well as perspectives from the sales, estimating, and service side of the business.  Job titles do not necessarily define the scope of a position.  A person’s position within a company is typically much broader, and attendees will be urged to give this some thought.

Our panel will consist of:
*Pam Keiner, Maly Roofing Company*
*Laurie Moore, Kreiling Roofing Company*
*Ellie Deans, Johns Manville*
*Tracey Donels, Service First Solutions*


Topics of this discussion will include:
• What happens in the office that affects work on the job site and vice versa
• 5 questions that should be asked when taking a call from a customer
• Using tools like Google Earth when a service call comes in to identify the type of roof
• The different types of roofing materials: look, feel and when they are used
• Challenges that arise with customers and owners over the phone, in person, in the bidding process, and when a job is done

Company Cross-training not only improves operations of a business and communication between the different sections of a company, but it also prevents employers from relying on a single individual to perform critical tasks.  Cross-training allows for backup personnel if an employee is ill, takes time off, or has the opportunity to pursue additional training or education to improve their skills.  This in turn makes them a more valuable employee and/or able to move up within the company.  Join us to hear and understand the challenges that face each aspect of a Roofing Contractor business.


Wednesday, November 10, 2021                                                                                                              

Breakout Sessions
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM                          Steep Slope Education - Steep Slope Safety with Gary Auman of Auman Mahan & Furry (Room 201)

Join nationally renowned safety and health attorney, Gary Auman of Auman Mahan & Furry for a special session dedicated to the unique concerns and challenges that Steep Slope Contractors face on issues of worker safety. In addition, Auman will give late breaking updates on OSHA and Workers Comp cases of interest, practical advice that you can implement immediately, and answers to your questions so you can stay compliant and more importantly, get your workforce back home safely to their families each night! 

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM                          Low Slope Education - Update on Current Roofing Industry Technical Issues
                                                                     with Mark Graham, Vice President of Technical Services for NRCA (Ballroom C)

You need to stay up to date with the latest technical information to ensure your company’s success. Make sure to attend this one-hour session during which Mark Graham, NRCA’s Vice President of Technical Services, will provide insider information into current technical issues in the roofing industry and answer your questions. This is a great way to keep abreast of technical developments and updates in the roofing industry.

Breakout Sessions
9:45 AM - 10:45 AM                        Steep Slope Education - Knowing Your Numbers: The Sequel! (Room 201)
                                                                      with Jack Lohbeck of JWL Consulting Services

The Steep Slope University Winter Semester was a huge hit and hundreds of contractors benefited from the live and recorded financial and business advice offered in the Knowing Your Numbers series! From tracking key financial reports to managing your relationship with your banker, Jack Lohbeck and MRCA Steep Slope Chairman, Brett Tesson led lively conversations about the key financial practices necessary for successful business development. There was so much great content we couldn’t fit into those webinars we created this sequel! So go back and watch the recorded series to get set for the next chapter!

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM                        Low Slope Education - Low-Rise Foam Adhesive Research Project Report: Phase II (Ballroom C)
                                                                      with Rich Koziol, Tom Rowe and Jeff Plumridge of WJE & Associates, Inc.

MRCA’s Technical & Research Committee has engaged WJE & Associates to conduct Phase II of our Research Work on Low Rise Foam Adhesives. Our
Research is focused on obtaining results to this question: What effect does ‘shelf life’ and ‘application temperature’ have on the chemical bond of low-rise adhesives and ultimate roof uplift capacity? The testing protocol is focused on developing real world outcomes for the application of these products.
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates is a global firm of engineers, architects, and materials scientists committed to helping clients solve, repair, and avoid problems in the built world.  WJE engineers and materials scientists will be conducting the tests for MRCA at their own state of the art testing laboratory located in Northbrook, Illinois.

At this session WJE and the T & R Committee will give details of the testing procedure and the results of the research program. WJE and MRCA’s T&R Committee will then discuss what the results could mean to MRCA Member contractors. Come to this session and find out the facts about the performance of Low Rise Foam Adhesive.

(Education from 1 pm - 3:45 pm is on the Expo Floor and FREE to All Attendees)                                       
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM                           GAF Sponsored Session with Helene Hardy-Pierce of GAF
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM                           Fiscal Fitness Center with Jack Lohbeck of JWL Consulting Services

You love him from Knowing Your Numbers and now you can pick his brain in person about your own burning financial and management questions!  Head onto the Expo Floor to see Jack Lohbeck of JWL Consulting Services in the MRCA Fiscal Fitness Center! Lohbeck has spent his career as a construction CFO, professional trustee, corporate board member and business mentor for the Aileron Center for Entrepreneurship. Lohbeck has also worked with the University of Dayton’s MBA Capstone Program matching MBA candidates with real world companies to facilitate both learning and business development.  His unmatched experience in the financial realm of the construction industry makes this a can’t miss opportunity to build your business too!   

2:00 PM - 2:30 PM                           Workforce Development and Retention Guide: A Panel Discussion

Join the MRCA Business Management Committee in the Expo Fishbowl Classroom to hear about their new model program for workforce development and retention.  A new service of the MRCA, this guide offers a model three-year curriculum including a training bibliography and manual reference, a model policy for progressing employees through the educational milestones and strategies for adding educational value and credentialing through local higher education and industry association partners. The war for talent is raging: come hear how to add a valuable arrow to your quiver! 

3:00 PM - 3:45 PM                           Young Contractors Council (YCC) Sponsored Session - What Has YCC Done for Me? : A Panel Discussion
                                                                      with Moderator Adrian Hilton of KPost Roofing & Waterproofing and YCC Chair

Get the inside scoop on what the MRCA Young Contractors Council really is, what they do, and the benefit YCC Membership brings to all members of a company who are 40 years old and under.

This session is for:
•  Conference and Expo attendees interested in joining the YCC
•  Employers who have members of their team that are eligible for YCC
•  Current YCC Members
•  Friends, Guests, and Associates of Current YCC Members

Engaging with this group is an excellent way to make new connections and learn the ropes of the Roofing Industry.  You only need one YCC Membership to cover everyone at your company who would like to participate.  YCC SHOW SPECIAL: FIRST YEAR OF YCC MEMBERSHIP FREE for those who join during this session that will take place on the Expo floor!


Thursday, November 11, 2021                                                                                 

Breakout Sessions          
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM                        Business Development Education - MRCA / IIBEC Panel Discussion on Communication (Room 203)

This is a panel discussion with a Professional Building Consultant, an Owner (or Owner's Rep), and a Contractor. During this session we will discuss how to build the team to have the most successful project for everyone. We will talk about the differences of working with a Consultant and direct with the Owner, the importance of communication and how that affects the Team, and the benefits of working with a Team for all parties involved.
There seems to be one of two types of contractor perceptions regarding consultants - 1) consultants are unnecessary and 2) Consultants get in the way. The exception is when a contractor and consultant work collaboratively to ensure the best possible outcome for the owner.  How can this be best promoted within the industry?  The role of the consultant is to be a facilitator between the owner and contractor. The consultant is there to ensure the owner's interests are protected and the contractor has the clearest roadmap to the next successful project.

8:30 AM - 10:00 AM                        Safety Education - Site-Specific Emergency Action Plans (Part 1)
                                                                     Training Your Foreperson to Conduct Weekly Trainings and Inspections (Ballroom C)

                                                                      with Gary Auman of Auman Mahan & Furry and Naphis Mitchel-Reyes of Empire Roofing

Join us for the final installment of the 2021 SHARP Plus Safety Certification program! Training is the most important component of a good safety program and safety culture. What you train, how you train, and how much you train are all necessary for a solid training program. The requirement for an Emergency Action Plan is an important component of your safety program and an OSHA requirement. In this session we will discuss the requirements for your general and site specific Emergency Action Plan. Beyond the regulatory necessity many online bidding services such as ISNetworld now require you to cover workplace violence and active shooter in your EAP.

8:30 AM - 10:30 AM                        Steep Slope Education - Aligning Business Practices and Financial Realities
                                                                      & Understanding Business Valuation (Room 201)
                                                                      with Jack Lohbeck of JWL Consulting Services

As the old adage goes, manage your business as if you’ll sell it tomorrow and run it like you’ll own it forever! Once you have a grasp of your financials, once you have your trusted professionals in place, it’s time to focus in on aligning your business practices with these financial realities to reach your business and personal goals. Lohbeck will also help you understand the ins and outs of business valuation. Regardless of whether you want to sell your business in one year or one hundred years, keeping tabs on these key indicators can help you make better decisions for sustainable growth. 

Breakout Sessions
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM                      Business Development Education - What Would Chic-Fil-A do? Putting Service First to Win Lifetime Customers.  (Room 203)
                                                                       with Tracey Donels of Service First Solutions

Too many companies don't look at their business in a systematic way, especially in their service departments. Too often the service department is something we have to do rather than something we want to do. Too often our service departments are pushed beyond their capacity because of a lack of processes and training.  The problem here is that processes and training are the two most important factors in a service department. Look at Chic-Fil-A. Are they successful because of their process or their quality? Probably both. If roofers can handle the rain events and roof emergencies like Chic-Fil-A handles the lunch rush, they will build the reputation of servicing the client where price is taken out of the equation. Roofers across the county do great work, but their service departments lack the process and training to give the department the feel of a Chic-Fil-A drive through.  If we can dot our I's and cross our T's AND do it faster than the competition without losing quality, we will win every day and the client will keep returning to business. Just like we always go back to Chic-Fil-A no matter the length of the line. Fast, quality service that puts the client first in every way. 

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM                      Safety Education - Site-Specific Emergency Action Plans (Part 2):
                                                                       Training Your Foreperson to Conduct Weekly Trainings and Inspections (Ballroom C)
                                                                       with Gary Auman of Auman Mahan & Furry and Naphis Mitchel-Reyes of Empire Roofing

Join us for PART 2 of the final installment of the 2021 SHARP Plus Safety Certification program!

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM                      Steep Slope Education - Technology for Tracking Projects and Financials (Room 201)
                                                                       with Lynne Foster of Acculynx               

All the world is a buzz about CRMs and every third commercial is about some new project management technology, but is all that chatter worth the cheddar?  Can technology be the key to getting more financial control to achieve your business goals? Let Lynne Foster break though the clutter to talk about effective use of tech solutions to keep you competitive! 

(Education from 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm is on the Expo Floor and FREE to All Attendees) 
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM                         Hot Air Welding Applicator Safety Certification Training: What Is It?
                                                                       with CERTA Chair Jim Ramser, T&R Chair Randy Adams and Instructor Chris Paulin    

Find out about MRCA’s newest safety training! The Hot Air Welding Safety Certification Program will train your crews on understanding the requirements for handling electric hot air and induction welding equipment and gasoline powered generator equipment over combustible substrates.

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM                            GAF Sponsored Session: Wind Design Based on ASCE 7-2016 ... for the Midwest
                                                                       with James Kirby from the GAF Building and Science Team

This presentation will take an in-depth look at wind design concerns and installation considerations for low-slope roofs on commercial and industrial buildings. The latest revisions to ASCE 7-2016 and the impact of those revisions will be discussed.  A number of Midwestern wind-design case studies (including design and installation) will be presented.  Additionally, the new ASCE Pre-standard for Performance-Based Wind Design will be reviewed.  This presentation will provide valuable information for both installers and designers.