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Exhibitor Toolkit

Exhibitors will receive an email from our Official Show Decorator, George Fern Co., containing important information about the purchase of accessories for your booth, carpet, furniture, electric, etc.....

Standard Booth Equipment:
Each 10' x 10' Booth will include:
8' high royal blue and white back drape
3' high royal blue side drape
Identification Sign
Island Booths do not include drape or sign

Exhibit Hall Flooring:
Exhibit Hall has a concrete floor. Per Show Management, all booths are encouraged to have carpet or professional floor covering. Exceptions would be displaying a vehicle , equipment or performing roofing industry related demonstrations within the booth where flooring would be intrusive or dangerous. If displaying a vehicle or equipment, plastic must be under any portion that could leak.

If you have any question or have not received your Exhibitor Toolkit, please Contact:

Lesa Davis, Exhibitor Services
816-701-1031 Office
816-665-6314 Mobile




Fern’s online exhibitor ordering system, created for seamless event planning.

OneView offers countless solutions for exhibitors:

  • Team based planning
  • Event Ordering
  • Task Manager
  • Document Sharing

OneView allows exhibitors to easily invite colleagues and partners to help complete tasks, place orders and view all services.
Important documentation and show information is available in one place. It provides a quick reference guide that is available 24/7.

The event dashboard allows exhibitors to easily see multiple events at once. No more remembering multiple usernames and passwords.



Electrical, Mechanical and IT Service Needs from the Wisconsin Center

As you prepare to exhibit in the Wisconsin Center, please reference the Exhibitor Ordering Kit for all services, pricing and information you may need before you arrive. The Wisconsin Center is pleased to feature an updated, easy-to-use, online ordering process. The new tiered pricing structure offers incentives for early orders and worry-free installation. The online store can be found here.

If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to reach out to the Wisconsin Center team at

Below you will find links to the 2021 Wisconsin Center Exhibitor Kit and Exhibitor Menu.

2021 MRCA Exhibitor Kit

2021 MRCA Exhibitor Menus for In-Booth Consumption

2021 MRCA Layout for Electrical, Mechanical and IT Services

  • The Wisconsin Center will no longer accept any paper order forms, phone orders, or faxed orders as we have moved to an exclusive online ordering system.
  • Payment is required at the time of the order.

These exhibitor documents can also be found on the Wisconsin Center website at


Lead Retrieval Services

Click here to learn more about Bravura Leads, an app-based platform that captures attendee contact information real-time!

LIVE Exhibitor Console


Exhibitors can login using the email address provided at the time your firm's booth was secured. There is no password to access, but you can set a password after login.

This Console allows Exhibitors to:

-setup your virtual profile, including adding their logo, and product information and other marketing materials to share with event attendees using the APP

-purchase leads retrieval and export information

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