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How to Complete MRCA's CERTA Training: All classes from 8:00 AM - 4:00PM (Eastern Standard Time)

1. Complete the Online Registration

REGISTER (Members)   REGISTER (Non-Members)

* Course Documents are emailed to you after registering

2. Download Course Documents & Email your roster to CERTA
  • Click the link in your receipt (via email)
  • Using the Excel template,  Email your attendee roster to
  • Document 1 included in the course handout provides instructions on how to complete the whole course
3. Make sure you have the proper equipment BEFORE your class
  • It is required that participants use a DETAIL TORCH for the hands-on evaluation
  • Open floor space is needed to complete hands on evaluation
  • Document 1, Pgs. 7-8 (Included in your email receipt) lists the equipment needed for the course
4. Participate in your CERTA Course
  • A link to join your CERTA course will be emailed to you (similar to Zoom), prior to your course date
  • A computer or tablet (with video & audio) is required to complete the online course
5. Complete the Hands-On Evaluation
  • Complete your hands-on evaluation & send it back to your trainer
  • Recordings can be sent to

Questions? Call the CERTA line at  (937) 306-2132  or email:

* NOTICE:  Effective May 1st, MRCA will begin offering in-person & hybrid CERTA training


$40 discount per person. Any participants that are eligible after verification with NRCA, will receive the Re-Certification Discount. Please email for more information.

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* All training sessions have a minimum class size / minimum training fee requirement.

Questions? Call the CERTA line at  (937) 306-2132  or email: 


Virtual Class

Hybrid or In-Person Class


Key Features:

  • Choose a date that works for you

  • 1 or more companies per class

  • Entire course is done via teleconference (i.e. Zoom)

  • CERTA trainer monitors the hands-on evaluation via FaceTime or recording
  • Choose a date that works for you


  • Classroom portion is done via teleconference (i.e. Zoom)
  • CERTA trainer conducts the hands-on evaluation IN-PERSON


  • The entire course is conducted LIVE / IN-PERSON

 *  NOTE: Travel charges may apply

None at this time.