Young Contractors Council

The purpose of the MRCA Young Contractors Council (YCC) is to help young roofing professionals establish contacts and develop leadership skills to succeed within the roofing industry.

The YCC is designed for roofing professionals 40 and under who are looking to meet with peers, share best practices, learn more about the industry, and network with others who are forging their careers in the roofing inudstry.

The YCC will be hosting special educational and networking sessions at this year's MRCA Conference and Expo.  There will be a round table session featuring tables with individual topic discussions that are led by both a YCC Member and a MRCA Past President.  The YCC will also host a panel discussion with viewpoints from the YCC Members' generations and from the generations of our more seasoned Roofing Professionals. 

Additional programs and events will also be offered throughout the year.  Stay tuned for the launch of the MRCA YCC Peer Group discussions and regional meet ups. 

If you’re interested in joining this dynamic group of future leaders, complete and return the YCC application form. 

Click here for a MRCA YCC Membership Application

“The MRCA and Young Contractors Council has provided me the tools and experience I needed to move to the next level of my career. I know I’m not doing this by myself.”
Michael Huntington
AAA Roofing Co Inc.