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Knowing Your Numbers: Overview to Financial Management

Knowing Your Numbers:
Overview to Financial Management

Steep Slope University Winter Semester
Starts NOW!

December 16, 2020
5:00 p.m. EST via GoToWebinar

(live webinar with Q&A from Members to be recorded and archived at

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Wondering what to do on these cold, lonely nights this winter? Well wonder no more! It's time for the Winter Semester of Steep Slope University! Why not use the winter to build your business, sharpen your management practices and set the stage for a successful 2021? The semester will kick off with a series on "Knowing Your Numbers" which will feature four sessions: Overview of Financial Management; Interpreting Financial Statements; Aligning Your Financials with Your Business Practices; and finally Internal Financial Controls.
No chance of falling asleep in these classes! Each session will feature a real contractor and a subject expert specifically experienced in our industry. They will walk you through the key points in a conversational back and forth - no droning speakers or boring slides here! Hear the straight scoop from professionals that understand what you're going through because they've been there themselves. In the 30-40 minute live sessions there will be time for you to ask questions as well. Have even more questions? We'll help you schedule a follow up time with the presenter(s) afterwards for additional support.

Wednesday, December 16th: Overview of Financial Management
This course will address: separating personal finances from professional finances; the importance of understanding overhead to improve job costing; using report cards to hold yourself accountable; why to grow (and why not to); keys to reserves and capital; and the importance of good professional advisors: your Banker, Lawyer, Accountant and Insurance Agent.

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There is no fee to attend, but you MUST be registered in advance!

Have questions? Contact Caroline Meadors at: 800-467-6722

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