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MRCA Highlights CERTA and HAWT Certification Programs at IRE

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MRCA Staff and Members showcased MRCA, CERTA, and HAWT Certification Programs with a booth display at the International Roofing EXPO (IRE) in Las Vegas last week.

The booth attracted significant traffic from various sectors of the roofing industry, marking it a success. The MRCA Executive Committee's strategic allocation of resources aims to enhance MRCA's visibility and promote its services.

MRCA is known for prioritizing safety initiatives, exemplified by its recent introduction of the Hot Air Welding Safety Certification Program (HAWT). This program underscores safety protocols crucial for contractors working with this roofing system. Key areas covered include electrical and generator safety, specific fall protection protocols, and safe handling of hot air welding equipment.

Another hallmark of MRCA is the efforts of its Technical and Research Committee (T&R). Annually, the T&R committee undertakes research projects geared towards educating roofing contractors on issues related to roofing materials and system application procedures.

Moreover, MRCA remains committed to safeguarding the rights and ensuring fair practices for roofing contractors. A recent example of this commitment was MRCA's collaboration with Kentucky Roofing Contractors on an Amicus Brief concerning Kentucky OSHA's interpretation of fall protection standards.

MRCA remains focused on its mission as - The Roofing Contractors Advocate.

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